The best area in Los Angeles to live and how to move there

The best area in Los Angeles to live and how to move there

The city of Angels is truly magnificent sunny place to live and if you are thinking what best neighborhoods in Los Angeles to consider, you are on the right place here on T-Rex Moving blog! Working in the moving business every day, we have seen with our own eyes all around best areas in Los Angeles to live and we can truly say that your task is not that easy.

LA consists of numerous neighborhood puzzles – pick up yours!

Los Angeles is literary made up by small areas, which have their own atmosphere, life style, local people, and of course unforgettable unique vibes.

Nonetheless, as we have been all throughout almost all Southern California, taking care about different relocations, we are happy to share our brief notes regarding some REEEEAAALY FANTASTIC places to move, depending on your life style, goals, and obviously budget. Yeah, when we speak about LA money is the thing that matters!

Top 5 features to pick up best area in Los Angeles to live

Here is a small check list which will help to make up your mind regarding LA Neighborhoods:

  • Marital status
  • Work
  • Hobbies
  • Budget
  • Traffic

So now we are ready to start! Check out our personal list of best places to live in Los Angeles.

Downtown (DTLA): typical “Old School” LA

What: Heart of LA

Location: Right in the center of LA

Perfect for: Young professionals, designers, creators, artists

Today DTLA is experiencing its second birth. After surviving a long period of stagnation urban culture decline, it is finally getting alive thanks to hard community work and governmental support. Today the area is full with flourishing bars, restaurants, and shops, where people are calmly chatting, relaxing or discussing creative ideas. No stress, rush, or anxiety here. The eastern part of DTLA is called Arts District. So, if you are creative artist or designer, searching for inspiration or communication with the same people, this would be ideal place for you!

Other options: Venice, Santa Monica, West LA

Venice: bohemian hipster world

What: Charming land of authentic beauty

Where: Beachfront neighborhood within Westside

Perfect for: Creative people, party singles, artists

Venice would be the ideal place for you, if you love walking along beach line, as well getting inspired from bohemian and eccentric city vibes. After coming to live here, people are staying for ever, that’s why the local communities tend to be closed for newbies from the first sight. Nonetheless, if you are creative, if you want to find artists and share your ideas, Venice is great place to find inspiration!

Other options: Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Brentwood

Glendale: family matters!

What: third-largest city in Los Angeles County WITH lots of family entertainment

Location: north of downtown LA, southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley, surrounded by Verdugo Mountains

Perfect for: families with children, young conservative couples

It is a nice family paradise to raise children, to do family weekend shopping, and just to get the best time of family life! You can have the opportunity to visit numerous museums like LA Zoo, the Norton Simon Museum, Museum of illusions, the Hollywood museum and that’s just the beginning of the list! Safe and secure life, some even call it typically American style – this is what you going to get, choosing Glendale for you!

Other options: Studio City, Reseda, Van Nuys

Sherman Oaks: calm career corporate world

What: Middle-class perfect world

Location: San Fernando Valley suburb

Perfect for: upper middle-class singles and couples, career and job opportunities orientated, working to establish their own business and searching for collaborations

It is a nice place to live and to work, as both property and rent prices are affordable for such category of people. Mainly focused on corporate world, it offers to resident a plenty of places to spend time like restaurants, bars, cafes as well as shops and parks. If you are young professional having lots of ideas to launch billion dollar startup, this is definitely a place for you!

Other options: Studio City, Toluca Lake, Encino, Calabasas

Manhattan beach: CHRAM beach town

What: Paradise with extremely high prices

Location: South bay, on the Pacific coast of El Segundo

Perfect for: conservative families who want to live in calm beach community, young couples who want to raise their children in charming anti-urban environment

A nice calm city with great communities for mainly middle-class families and singles, who are planning to establish conservative day-after-day life with super reduced stress-level, long beach walks, and best public schools for children. Tired of city anxiety and want to finally downshift? That’s the ideal place for it!

Other options: Melrose, San Monica, Venice, Redondo Beach

Malibu: money talks and luxurious life does cost a thing

What: LA’s best beach town

Location: Western part of LA County

Perfect for: Very rich people, entrepreneurs, celebrities, movie start

This is a heaven on Earth with unreal prices, crazy expenses and mind-blowing budgets. Still if money is nothing special for you, choose Malibu from all other beach towns as it is absolutely perfect: inspiring coast line, nature, and happy people – no other option can exist but this!

Other options: Hollywood, Calabasas

Hollywood: true la vintage & vanity fair paradise

What: The heart of film industry,

Location: central region of LA

Perfect for: young singles, extravagant couples, actors, searching to reach fast success as all the jobs are easy reachable.

Hollywood is a classic downtown having not only the major movie studio located there, but also rich culture, modern exhibitions, and blow minding attractions. Well, there are some obvious minuses like many tourists everywhere, and huge traffic. Still if you are risky person, searching for spicy life and ideal opportunities in film industry, old buddy Hollywood will welcome you with open heart!

Another options: Silver Lake, Echo Park

Santa Monica: perfect school district

What: Classical American dream neighborhood

Location: Beachfront city situated on Santa Monica Bay

Perfect for: Young middle-class singles searching for comfort and convenience of life

Ideal place to live, work, and create. It can be a good option for both singles and families, as anyone can find the suitable apartments according to the budget. Moreover, it is believed to be full of high level public and private schools, so raising a child in such place would be a great option too. In fact, Santa Monica is a best option considering quality of living and expenses, so if you are just thinking about moving and searching for the best place to live in Los Angeles, this would be the right decision to start.

Another options: Venice, Pasadena, Marina del Rey

So… Wanna move right away?

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Basically, that’s it! We truly hope this would help you to choose the best area in Los Angeles to live and to move!

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