Summer Move vs Winter Move: All Hits and Misses

Summer Move vs Winter Move: All Hits and Misses

When it comes to moving houses, picking a proper season can be a defining step. Although it is hardly a problem for states like California, sometimes people move to colder states where winter can be a stumbling block on your way to a stress-free moving process.

For this reason, we decided to highlight some of the main benefits of moving in summer, which is certainly the busiest moving season. At the same time, here you will find some useful tips when moving in winter. At least, you will be prepared.

The Benefits of Summer Move

Summer is the best tie for moving whether you live in Cali or any other state. The reasons for picking this particular season are obvious. They are as follows:

  • Great Home Selling Opportunities – summer is the high season for selling homes. Moving is the other side of selling. In other words, you move because you want to sale and vice versa;
  • Great Span for garage Sales – are you planning to host a yard sale? Winter is the best season for making a couple of extra bucks thanks to the garage sale. It is also a great chance to get rid of useless stuff and make the packing easier and faster;
  • Great Time to Move with Kids – the school usually starts at the beginning of fall. It means that summer move reserves some time and space to get your kids prepared for the new academic year in a new house;
  • Students Leave for College – if you have student-age kids, a summer move is a wise decision, as they will leave for college that can be located in another state. This fact provides some more freedom and flexibility without mentioning less stuff for transportation;
  • Great Weather – summer move means no ice or snow that might appear to be serious obstacles on the way to your new place of living. Moreover, there is no risk of getting injured or stuff damaged.

Summer is obviously a good season to move. On the other hand, people face various situations. Sometimes they may need to move urgently to another state. If you have the same situation, here are some handy tips to cope with your winter move.

Essential Winter Move Tips

Everything looks harder in winter especially when it comes to moving. You might come across different challenges without mentioning that winter move can be even risky for one’s health. Reduced daylight, slippery pavements, and sliding roads may turn out to be a huge stumbling block. Dealing with snow when pulling out all your stuff will also look daunting. This is where the following tips may come in handy:

  • Check the Moving Area – make sure the moving area is safe and secure. It should be lit properly, as winter puts some pressure on the daylight. Proper lights are essential to avoid the slightest risk of injuries;
  • Snow Tracking Protection – every time you walk in and out of the house during winter move, you would probably want to take your shoes off all the time. This fact will make your moving process more time-consuming and less convenient. It is better to cover the floors with sheets and cloths to protect them from snow tracking;
  • Check the Utilities – some utilities may go down during winter. You need to check if everything works smoothly before you move in;
  • Safety Path – you will need to go from your vehicle to the house many times. Ensure you have a safe path without ice and snow;
  • Keep Your Plants Safe – when moving with plants, you need to provide a safe and warm place for them. Otherwise, they may freeze and die out. Plan a secure place for your plants beforehand.

The above-mentioned tips are only for those who are planning a winter move on their own away from California. T-REX will take all moving responsibilities and handle the procedure from scratch. Luckily for Cali residents, her we do not have severe winters. You can order moving 365 days a year.

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