Home moving can turn into a stressful and challenging process. On the other hand, we all have to take that challenge from time to time. T-Rex Moving is here to prevent you from a local moving nightmare. We have been serving residential customers for many decades helping hundreds of house and apartment movers. It all resulted in enormous experience when it comes to full-scale residential moving services. We are here to make your moving stress-free!

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Furniture Protection

Here at T-Rex Moving we use various means to protect your furniture and fragile items. From plastic bags to specialty boxes – our experts do their best to keep your pieces of furniture safe and sound during the home moving process. We implement additional instruments such as bubble wraps and moving blankets to let your stuff breathe well. It will reduce the risk of furniture damaged because of bad air circulation.

Controlled Storage

We provide services to make your residential moving as flexible as possible. For this reason, our company delivers plenty of award-winning services out of the box. Controlled storage is your chance to keep some of your items away from danger. Benefit from our advanced storage facilities where you can keep some of your things in safety. The service is a way out whenever you need extra space during your house renovation or moving.


One can hardly predict various accidents and emergencies. Insurance packages are your ultimate safety tool that reduces the slightest risk of financial loss during the moving process. Benefit from affordable rates and 100% stuff protection. Thousands of apartment movers have already taken the advantage of the insurance package. It provides a total coverage of transported things and items.

Packing Service

T-Rex Moving experts deliver an array of packing levels out of the box. You may choose the one that fits you best. From full packing services for those who do not want to handle the packing process to a single item pack for the most precious and valuable items. Our mission is to keep your stuff protected and away from danger during the moving process.

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Our company delivers an array of residential moving services out of the box. We provide professional assistance when it comes to single-family homes, apartments, condos, dorms and other types of residential properties. T-Rex Moving boasts a team of professionally trained experts who do their best to keep your belongings safe and protected during the transportation. Benefit from professional moving help now!

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