Finally, you have found a new and more spacious office! It is going to be a turning point for your business. Only one thing is left. Office moving can be daunting considering tons of items and stuff that also call for office relocation. This is where you may need a team of professional commercial movers! We can handle any task despite the complexity. Get your business back in action with the help of our well-trained office movers.

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Furniture Protection

We understand the value of your business stuff. For this reason, our commercial movers perform maximum accuracy and care to keep your items and pieces of furniture safe and sound. We use plastic packages, moving towels and other means that ensure 100% security for different things. It all starts with a wise planning. Our team divides all items into categories and chooses the best-matching package to keep them away from danger.

Controlled Storage

Office moving is a challenge considering piles of papers, archives, contracts and other stuff you need to keep somewhere. T-Rex Moving offers up-to-date storage facilities until you have your new location secured. Benefit from our storage services whether you need to store your office furniture, documents, expensive equipment, etc.


Different situations may occur during the office moving process. We are not gods and can hardly prevent various accidents. This is where our insurance packages will come in handy. They offer full or partial coverage depending on your priorities. Office stuff may include expensive devices and equipment that may require additional protection. Our insurance packages will do the trick.

Packing Service

The office relocation includes wise planning and preparation. The first step is to divide your stuff into categories. They may include confidential documents, pieces of furniture and equipment. We thoroughly pick the best-matching type of package for each and every item. You do not have to worry about the packing at all. T-Rex Moving professionals will do everything for you.

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Time is money. Here at T-Rex Moving, we do understand the meaning of those words. For this reason, our office movers establish an individual approach and fit around customers’ schedule. We take into account your working hours and days off to arrange your office relocation without the slightest financial loss for the business. Get ready to go back with your job while we are moving your office!

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