New neighborhood: how to know your neighbors

New neighborhood: how to know your neighbors

Moving to a new place is basically like starting a life from a blank page: new locations, new bars and cafes, and of course new neighbors. In order to settle down in the new neighborhood, check out some useful advice from T-Rex Moving, who is working every day in helping people to move to their new homes.

How to know your neighbors: some basics

When the moving campaign is finished, it is high time to start creating the right atmosphere in your neighborhood. Probably going with a freshly baked pie would be a bit old-fashioned (maybe not, it depends on your taste), you should follow some easy rules, which will definitely help you to establish first contacts with everyone.

  1. Be polite: Always say hello to strangers and introduce yourself
  2. Be active: Join local community, organizations, and groups
  3. Be curious: Find out some activities and explore neighborhood

Besides that, never miss an opportunity to start a conversation and introduce yourself and your family. With this strategy everyone will know soon that you are a newbie and you will get to know your neighbors faster.

Analyzing new neighborhood

Before creating a strategy “How to become a local in a few days”, analyze the atmosphere and the people around. You can pay attention to the things like:

  • How many houses are there in your neighborhood?
  • Are there any local weekend entertainments?
  • How do the locals usually spend their free time?
  • What active hobbies (for example, jogging) are especially spread?
  • What are the general vibes of the place: is it a family oriented paradise with calm weekends or a vivid party place?
  • What is the average age of the people?
  • What activities are mostly spread?

Considering all these facts, you can have a deeper understanding of your new neighborhood. Also keep in mind to care about the people on your moving day, like doing such things:

  • Don’t block the street with your moving vehicle;
  • Don’t make too much noise;
  • Apologize if you see that some actions are disturbing to anyone

In fact, if you will pay attention to people around your new house, you will be rewarded for it in future.
Analyzing new neighborhood

Get to know your neighbors in 5 easy steps

There are many ways to get closer with people from your community, and here we will mention some of them.

  1. Greet your neighbors if you see them and have a small talk. Always smile and be friendly
    That is so easy! Just be yourself and don’t be shy.
  2. Take walks around every day
    Short walks will help you to know the new neighborhood better. The optimal time is early evening and weekends.
  3. Try to know the unspoken rules
    There are some rules in any community and usually locals follow them. If you have some opportunity, try to find out some peculiarities of local behavior.
  4. Find local activities on Facebook and other social media
    Oh, yes. Moreover, do not be surprised by this fact. Today it is usually rather spread to make chat groups in WhatsApp and to discuss the upcoming activities all together.
  5. Make a housewarming party
    This is an ultimate way to know the locals, but only if you are brave enough for active actions! In fact, you can discuss the idea of the upcoming event with some of your closest neighbors and ask them to help you preparing a guest list. A housewarming party can be not only at your home – you can easily make a backyard barbeque.

What to avoid: some things not to do

While you have learned what to do in order to establish new contacts, there are some things, which you should try to avoid. Even if you are introvert and you like to spend your time completely alone and you feel exhausted in the large groups of people, try to follow these easy rules.

  1. Avoid being totally isolated
    That means, even if you tend to be more an introvert person, try to get to know people around. If you will spend all time at home, the neighbors will create the wrong impression about you. It is important to show yourself and to make some contacts, so people can be not afraid of a new stranger.
  2. Don’t be gloomy
    Even if you are overwhelmed with problems, do not show it to other people. Because problems disappear with time, while the first impression cannot be changed.
  3. Avoid loud music and any loud disturbing noises
    This is actually a must. In case you are not the owner of the island in the Caribbean ocean, you need to remember about the basic rules of etiquette and respect them.
  4. Don’t be “too friendly”
    It is not necessary trying to be super friendly, following each person you see on the street and visiting every single house. No need to speak for hours and disturb everyone. Respect personal time and if you see that someone is in a hurry, better do not make long conversations. It is quite enough to greet and briefly exchange some news.
  5. Keep an eye on your pets
    Sometimes it might happen that your cat or dog can enter the neighbors’ territory. Try to avoid such “visits” or at least apologize if this happens.

Smooth moving in LA

So basically these are the main tips to get used to your new home. For any questions about moving, packing, wrapping, etc. you can always turn to your trusted partner T-Rex Moving.

Because we care and because we are always ready to help!

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