You may have some questions for T-Rex. We created a FAQ section to answer all possible questions you might have. Feel free to contact the T-REX team if you haven’t found your answer here.

Our Most Asked Questions:

T-Rex will protect your furniture with moving pads before transportation. T-Rex also carries shrink wrap if your items need extra protection.

T-Rex will repair the item, or replace any item that is non-repairable.

T-Rex will repair any cosmetic damage that was caused by T-Rex.

Yes. T-Rex will move you in all weather conditions. All your stuff will be covered by moving blankets and shrink wrap. No water or dirt on your items or inside your home.

T-Rex will protect all your floors at no extra cost. T-Rex will provide you full carpet shield as well for a small fee if you need it.

T-Rex has two types of trucks. For small and medium moves T-Rex uses sixteen foot trucks. In case of big move T-Rex uses twenty six foot trucks.

T-Rex will estimate how many trucks and what size you need. In case that all of your items don’t fit on one truck, T-Rex will make an additional trip.

T-Rex is an hourly rate mover.

T-Rex starts the clock once the team arrives at your home and writes the exact time in contract. T-Rex stops the clock as soon as you confirm we have moved everything.

All boxes need to be covered. If your boxes are open T-Rex will ask that you re-pack or allow our team to shrink wrap your boxes or containers.

T-Rex uses storage pads, moving blankets, shrink wrap, straps, bubble wrap, hand trucks and office carpeted dollies to help prevent any damage to your stuff.

Yes. T-Rex works with his own employees only.

T-Rex doesn’t change rates on weekends but T-Rex can charge peak pricing during holidays. Of course T-Rex provides upfront rates during estimate. No hidden fees.

Yes. T-Rex is fully licensed and insured.

T-Rex gives upfront pricing. We charge an hourly rate that is quoted to you upfront plus packing materials (shrink wrap, bubble wrap, boxes and tapes).

T-Rex accepts cash, debit, and credit cards.

Yes. T-Rex disassembles and reassembles all standard beds.

T-Rex provides all discounts through advertisements we send out, or you find online.

T-Rex doesn’t move grand pianos, baby grand pianos, valuable items such as jewelry, fine alcohol, paintings, ammunition, firearms, cars, and pets.

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