Essential Tips when Moving with Pets

Essential Tips when Moving with Pets

People have to face many challenges whenever it comes to moving. A few things about the process are easy. The procedure requires plenty of time from finding a new place to live to packing all your stuff. Moving from point A to point B may appear to be a nightmare especially if you have pets.

Always keep in mind that your beloved furry friend is about to feel the same stress as you are. Moving pets is a challenge for both people and their fluffy pals. They may start feeling unsettled as soon as you start preparing for packing. Animals are also prone to such feelings as anxiety and homesickness. For this reason, we have conducted a list of essential tips when moving with pets to make the process as stress-free for all “members” of your family as possible.

Tip #1 – Check the Laws and Visit the Vet

Before you start mobbing pets, it is vital to check all the rules and obligations established by local authorities. Each state may have different laws that refer to the procedure of moving pets. You may need to visit the veterinarian to obtain necessary health certificates and other documents that prove your friend has all necessary injections.

The vet will provide all necessary certificates upon request and all other docs necessary to prove that your dogs or cats are free from infections and diseases. Keep those documents always by your side and follow all recommendations provided by the vet.

Tip #2 – Update Your Pets’ Info

This mostly refers to those who are moving with dogs or cats. The idea is to update all available info provided on pets’ tags and chips. Make sure your new cell phone number is indicated on the collar. The problem of moving with a dog or cat is that your friends might have plenty of chances to escape during the moving process. On the other hand, there is nothing to worry about if they run off. All you need is to update their chips and tags beforehand. It certainly looks like a worthy precaution and safety mean.

Moving with Pets

Tip #3 – Prepare a Carrier in Advance

When moving with a dog or cat setting out a carrier or crate in advance will be a good idea especially when it comes to small-sized pets. A nasty aspect of this stage is that your furry friends are unlikely to be used to such type of transportation. It might come with much stress. For this reason, you can make them get used to traveling in a crate beforehand.

Come up with some simple training for your dog or cat to let them obtain the necessary experience of the enclosure. Let them feel safe and secure in the carrier. Put some of their favorite items like toys and other stuff inside to make them feel at home. At least, they will get busy with those toys. Don’t forget about a good treat for your pets.

Tip #4 – Conduct Your Moving Plan

As a rule, apartment movers do not deal with moving pets. It means that you will have to cope with the task on your own. You would probably need to prepare a new transport plan for your beloved pets. It will depend on the distance between point A and B. You need to choose whether you are going to move with pets via plane, train or auto. Each type of transport considers different rules and regulations when it comes to transporting animals.

Moreover, different pets require different transportation conditions. Here is a brief guide on how to move with different pets:

  • Moving with Fish – fish are highly prone to stress and respond to various crucial changes that might appear to be rather traumatizing and even fatal in some cases. Moving long distances with your Gold Fish is hardly a good idea. The best bet is to transport it short distances using their usual water tankers. If you are moving with fish long distances, the best bet is to leave it to ex-neighbors or friends;
  • Moving with birds – birds are also rather sensitive when it comes to changing their living environment. If your bird is not used to being kept in the cage, make it feel comfortable there beforehand. A cage or special carrier is the only way to move with birds, in case you do not want them fly away;
  • Moving with dog – your dog needs to get used to a new place. Walk it around your new house or apartment right after moving in. It will let your dog feel at home. Moreover, you need to stick to its usual schedule when it comes to treats, walking and playing. The idea is to show your pet that there is actually no difference between an old and new place of living.

Moving with pets can be challenging. However, the above-mentioned tips will put ease on the process and make it less stressful and time-consuming.

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