Essential Packing Tips: An Ultimate Moving Checklist

Essential Packing Tips: An Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving house can be a real nightmare! It comes with stress and exhaustion. The challenge is extremely tough unless you get properly prepared. You need some time to plan the relocation process in advance to make it less stressful and time-consuming. We are here to put an ease on your moving. Benefit from our ultimate moving checklist featuring essential packing tips you would love.

Tip #1 – Sort Your Stuff by Categories

The golden rule when moving houses is to take things you need. Get rid of old clothes and stuff you are not going to use. Give them to charity or arrange a garage sale to make a couple of extra bucks to pay tips to moving company workers.

The next stage is to sort out all things you have by categories. You can use various parameters:

  • By Room – arrange your stuff accordingly. Those things are for the living room, while another group refers to a bathroom or bedroom;
  • By Type – cups come with plates as well as other fragile items while pillows and books can be packed together as well as clothes;
  • By Family Members – you can sort out things for kids and adults separately;
  • By Priority – reserve some space for important documents, bills, etc.

Once you have sorted your things, it will be easier to choose the right package or box size. Now, let’s get to the second stage of the relocation process.

Ultimate Moving Checklist

Tip #2 – Choose Proper Box Sizes

Right-sized boxes are the key to success when moving houses. You need to put all your stuff into the best-matching boxes featuring the right size for particular categories. Lighter items like pillows, curtains and come types of clothes can go into larger boxes. On the other hand, smaller things should go to smaller-sized boxes. Keep in mind that big boxes are harder to carry. For this reason, they should contain less fragile and precious items.

Tips #3 – Sort Out the Boxes

Sorting out the boxes seems to be a vital moving tip. It will never let you forget where some of your items are. The relocation process considers dozens of different boxes. It may be hard to figure out where all your things are after moving to another apartment. This is why you may need some kind of a marker. Just sort the boxes by category and right down on them:

  • Work – it is clear that the box contains things from your work including documents, papers, records, etc.;
  • Kids – you will hardly look for a bottle of wine there;
  • Hardware – put there all your IT stuff from PC and laptop to mobile devices, wires, etc.;
  • Souvenirs – the box should contain different items you brought from trips as well as gifts from friends, statues, porcelain plates and exclusive wine glasses.

Identify each box to make the moving less time-consuming. At the same time, it will put ease on the uploading process.

Tip #4 – Wrap Things with Package Tape

What would we do without the package type? It appears to be the best bet whenever you need to secure your boxes properly. You probably do not know, but the Sellotape was designed especially for packaging purposes. How could you know that, right? Use it to wrap the bottom of the box. Tape it not less than 2 or 3 times in order to prevent boxes breakdown from the bottom. Moreover, such an approach will let you make the package more secure and support the weight from the bottom.

Tip #5 – Protect Messy Caps

You would hardly appreciate a soap blow in the box during the relocation process. Follow these simple packing tips and use special covers to protect messy caps. Whether it comes to toilet bottles, hair conditioner or shampoo, you need to prevent the slightest risk of them leaking. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Get rid of the bottle cap.
  2. Use a piece of shrink wrap and put it over the top.
  3. Screw the cap back over the shrink.
  4. Use the packing tape to secure the cap.

Bottom Line

Moving houses should never star an hour before the truck arrives. You need to plan the relocation process ahead. Make sure you have enough means, boxes, packing tape and other supplies to keep your stuff safe and sound during the transportation. Opting for a professional moving team would be a better and more time-consuming alternative.

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