7 moving office tips: save your time, money, and efforts

7 moving office tips: save your time, money, and efforts

Business moving is a thing which every business owner has to face sooner or later. When this time comes, you have no option but to get ready to face a bunch of some challenges. Turning to professional commercial movers like T-Rex Moving will help you to survive any office move and get all the benefits of it. By now in order to get ready for it you can check the most effective ideas and some cool strategies.

Getting ready to office move

Before going directly to the useful moving office tips, make sure to follow these important rules:

  1. Book your moving in advance
  2. Plan everything thoroughly
  3. Estimate the budget correctly

We outline these rules at the very beginning, because moving is generally a bit complicated process, but if we are speaking about the matter of office or business relocation, it is far more challenging that you might think.

To move or not to move…

Never underestimate the matter of right decision and if you feel that it is not the right time, better think twice and postpone the relocation until another day. Answer these fast questions and decide, wheatear moving is the right idea right now or not.

  1. What is the minimum / maximum of the planned budget?
  2. What are the actual benefits of the new place?
  3. How much time will it take to recover the invested costs of the moving?
  4. What are the new rent conditions? Are they better?
  5. Estimate the effectiveness of the new place comparing with the old one

If all the answers are positive and you are 100% sure in the future location, then go forward with active actions! Time is money, especially when it goes about office move. That’s why you can easily call us now, get your best quote, and book your future relocation to be done by the professional commercial movers. Sounds great, right?

T-Rex Moving team from Los Angeles, California is always ready to organize your best relocation. Our telephone is + 1 (818) 297 6604, we are happy to help you 24/7! Call now and get your free quote right away!

Essencial moving office tips you need to know

It is very convenient to get all details at once, that’s why we always try to give full information for our customers and here we would like to share our experience which is summarized in the 7 moving office tips.

Tip # 1. Making the first call

There are some important features to mention if you are planning to book an office move:

  • Tell the transport manager about your deadlines;
  • Describe the items to be transported: how many chairs, tables, etc.;
  • Write down the dimensions of all oversized articles;
  • Check, if there is any furniture to be disassembled;
  • Order the lifting services, etc.

moving office

Tip # 2. The date of move

It is important to decide the right time for the moving date. Depending on your location, think about these moments:

  • Is it better to move during working days or weekend?
  • What about traffic in your zone? Try to plan relocation when it is minimal.
  • What about free parking time and parking place for the moving van?

Tip # 3. Estimating the budget

Unfortunately, moving is a rather expensive operation and you need to calculate all the expenses in order to feel comfortable. The expenses tend to appear unexpectedly, so count additionally 10 percent, which will be your budget for any extra expenses.

Tip # 4. Starting all preparations beforehand

This might sound too banal, but the earlier you start planning, the smoother your office move will be. Of course, it is possible to do everything in the very last day, but it might be a bit stressful. In fact, it is better to start basic preparations 3-6 months in advance, so you have enough time to deal with all the formalities.

Tip # 5. Data goes first!

Think how to organize the transfer of all your data, both in paper and in digital formats. Think how to organize the archive if you have it, probably get rid of unnecessary papers and systemize the rest, putting them into the boxes and labelling them accordingly.

The second important part concerns all your digital resources, which are stored in hard drives and servers. This is much more difficult. Discuss with your technicians and IT specialists about the peculiarities of moving at least 3 months before so they can prepare all technical details and prepare the technical plan for the new office.

Tell all your team members to organize the data on their computers and to get rid of the unnecessary information and old documents. You will be surprised how much space will become available!

Tip # 6. The office purge

Purging and clearing the old space is extremely important, as it is definitely not worth transferring all the old things to your new office. Some useless things you can donate, resell, or trash.

NB! Think about the other people, that’s why we highly suggest reselling the useless furniture. Probably someone near your old office needs exactly what you are going to throw away! Check out such places as Craiglist, Letgo, or even Facebook and probably your old furniture will make happy a new owner.

Tip # 7. Ordering everything in advance

If you have some new furniture ordered to your new office, be sure to coordinate it accordingly. Contact the manager and check the scheduled date of delivery, so you can organize everything correctly. It is better to start doing all the preparation at least 1-2 months.

Final instructions: keep anyone informed about the moving day

As soon as the relocation date is appointed, make an email notification for all your personnel to get ready for the moving. They should collect personal belongings, get rid of useless things, clean their working space. It would be better if they could collect all their working items into special boxes and label them so it would be easier to organize everything on the moving day.

Commercial movers in LA are ready to help you

T-Rex Moving knows all the peculiarities of business relocation, so once you have made up your mind, contact us. Be sure, we will make it work!

Customers are happy with our services because T-Rex Moving is  are ready to face any challenge!

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