T-Rex Moving — licensed and insured moving company in Los Angeles

  • Licensed and insured
  • No hidden fees
  • Fixed hourly rates
  • Free shrink wrap and tape
  • License # CAL-TO191822

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Why Do Customers Trust Us?

Licensed & Insured

Moving process is complicated enough without you having to worry about the credibility of your movers. We are a fully licensed and insured company, so you can rest easy knowing your move will be a hassle-free and smooth affair, and your belongings will be handled with great care.

Fixed Hourly Rates

We know how to be professional and effective, that’s why we offer fixed hour rates. There are several most spread service packs, which you will definitely like. That’s really easy!
Be sure in your budget as you are sure in us!

No Hidden Fees

Being fair and respectful for our customers, we always try to provide the best moving experience. You pay exactly for the services you need. Our quota-tion policy is crystal clear and you can be sure to get the best offer with the final price. Because we care!

Our rates

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

1 Truck + 2 Movers

$89 cash | $99 credit

  • Loading/ Unloading
  • Packing/ Unpacking
  • Wrap and Tape
  • Moving Blankets and Pads
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Furniture Assembling/ Disassembling
  • Basic Insurance

1 Truck + 3 Movers

$109 cash | $119 credit

  • Loading/ Unloading
  • Packing/ Unpacking
  • Wrap and Tape
  • Moving Blankets and Pads
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Furniture Assembling/ Disassembling
  • Basic Insurance

1 Truck + 4 Movers

$139 cash | $149 credit

  • Loading/ Unloading
  • Packing/ Unpacking
  • Wrap and Tape
  • Moving Blankets and Pads
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Furniture Assembling/ Disassembling
  • Basic Insurance

• Prices cover Greater Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, and Orange Counties)

• $30/Hr ea additional mover

Comparing T-Rex moving rates and company with hidden fees

Moving company with hidden fees which promises you a low rate

1 bedroom apartment

Hourly rate $75 per hour
Actual time 5 hours
Shrink wrap and tape shrink wrap — 2 rolls: $120, tape: 3: $15
Gas fee &60
Insurance charge $99
Destination charge $40

T-Rex Moving
without hidden fees

same 1 bedroom apartment

Hourly rate $89 per hour cash,
$99 per hour card
Actual time 5 hours
Free shrink wrap and tape 2 rolls and 3 tapes
No gas fee  
No insurance charge fully licensed and insured
No wardrobe boxes charge 4 wardrobes
No destination charge more than 30 miles driving

Licensed & Insurance Moving


Customer review

Read Tony M.‘s review of T-REX Moving on Yelp

Read Tony M.‘s review of T-REX Moving on Yelp

Leon P.

This was the best and easiest move I have experienced in my life and that is saying something. The guys at T-Rex are not just timely and efficient, they are also quite professional and friendly. Showed up on time as promised, nothing was damaged or even lightly scratched. Another great thing about them is that there were no attempts to upsell or tack on some last minute charges. Price that was given over the phone was exactly the same when they were done, not to mention that they were more affordable than all the other companies, and I got quotes from about half a dozen of them. Long story short — great company and people running it, call them for your next move and prepare to be impressed.

Lilla B.

I’ve moved several times, including state to state for work, so I know a good moving company when I use one. T-Rex Moving is fantastic! They arrived on time, were super quick and careful! They even shrink-wrapped my stuff for free! This is unheard of! What a great team! So awesome!

Athena N.

T-REX moving is the best moving company out there! Val and his movers are wonderful and were very considerate with my valuables. Their services were quick and affordable. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Daigoro D.

T-Rex Moving was the first time I used a moving service for a move but it won’t be the last. The staff was extremely cautious with my items and friendly. They were a trustworthy group of people and I will certainly recommend this service to my friends and coworkers who might be moving. Overall, they were quick, gentle, and friendly. Moving is a hassle but they eased the burden substantially.

Nick N.

T-Rex is definitely the best moving company which I deal with! They moved me smoothly and easy. No scratches, no damages, fast and clean. Mike and William were awesome, very friendly and polite. Thank you guys!

Ksenia S.

I shopped around before finally realizing that T-Rex Moving offered the best bang for your buck. I was moving two bedrooms and a garage full of books and knick knacks. They carefully moved everything, wrapped fragile items, large mirrors, etc. I was super pleased with their team. Super professional and quick. Really great guys. I’d use them again. Thank you so much.

Artur P.

This was my first time hiring a professional moving team, and I’m glad this team was T-Rex. From the very beginning till the end they were professional not just with doing the move, but also with explaining to me how the process works. Great movers and very reasonable rates! Highly recommend this company!!!

Irina C.

Excellent service and very friendly movers.

Nick and Val, you’re awesome! I was worried about my piano and the huge mirror from the bedroom but you guys moved with easy! Thank you so much for your hard work. I appreciate it and highly recommend!

Bohdan S.

These movers are wonderful! I had called them and got a quote for help with our relocation. They showed up on time and prepared to assist us with our local move from a one bedroom apartment to our new house. The crew had all the tools required to take apart my expensive treadmill and Italian high-end bed frame with ease. Our apartment was on the second floor and they had a few tight turns to get down the two flights of stairs. The attention to detail was amazing. There were no damages to my furniture and to the buildings on both ends. The men were professional, kind and courteous. Thank you T-Rex for making our move smooth and less stressful! Beau and Mike were fantastic… I will definitely be recommending you both and the company to all my friends & family.

Emily M.

Great service. Our movers were punctual, friendly and very efficient. And I only booked a few days in advance! They brought everything we could have needed and made the whole process a breeze. Would highly recommend and hire again!

Kristin B.

T-Rex Moving is so professional! Thank you so much! They were on time, fast, efficient and took great care of our items! 10/10 Would honestly, definitely recommend! I will be calling them again in the future.

Tony M.

Personally, I hate moving. That’s why usually call someone to do it for me. Call those guys and I wasn’t disappointed at all! Quick quote, came in on time and moved 2 bedroom house even faster then I expected. Great service, cool guys, professional touch. I will definitely call you back. Good luck with your business!

Landy C.

Moving is a hard task, physically and mentally. T-Rex Moving made it so much easier. They were prompt, so helpful and all my items made it to my new place perfectly. Thank you so much!

Emily A.

I called a few different companies before I booked my move with T-Rex. These guys did an amazing job from start to finish. They showed up on time and ready to work. They were fast and polite. Their hourly rates are reasonable. Highly recommend. Thanks guys.

Armen P.

Super happy with the overall experience. Arrived promptly on time and got the job done fast. They were very careful moving all the furniture. Will definitely use T-Rex again!

Violet P.

These guys are great! I had a two-bedroom move, with a ton of furniture, knickknacks, paintings, and 30+ boxes. I gave them this info and got a quick reasonable quote.

You are really dealing with professionals and just all around great guys. Not only were they careful with everything they moved, but they arrived on-time, ready to work. They worked next to non-stop to remain efficient!

I loved my moving team, Zaur, Artem, and Ilya — these guys were really great, funny, and beyond patient. My roommate is a bit of a control freak and she had a few paintings she was very worried about. They wrapped her paintings and were sooo patient! Im SO happy I chose them. Thanks again!

Tom B.

The T-Rex team is great. I was moving out of a 2 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom condo and Nick and Mike were awesome. When I was searching for a moving company I reached out to a few of them. The guys are T-Rex asked me some specific questions to make sure they get me an accurate quote. These guys arrived at 8 am as promised and started working right away. Needless to say the quote was accurate and they did an amazing job moving everything including the expensive items I was concerned about. I recommend these guys anytime.

Samples of our best cases

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  • 2
  • 3
Helen B.
From the stufio to the single
02 nov 2019
Crew size 1 Truck and 2 men
Hourly rate $89 cash or $99 card
Furniture pieces 1 dining table, 4 chairs, 1 love place, 1 work table, 1 office chair, 1 sofa, 1 dresser, 1 lamp, 1 mirror
Boxes 1 large, 1 medium, 6 small, 1 free wardrobe from T-Rex
Free packing materials from T-Rex half a roll of shrink wrap, 1 tape
Loading and unloading easy
Walk distance short
Drive distance short
Actual move length 2 hours
Move estimate 2-3 hours
Bill $197 card / 3 hours min
Tips crew secret
Ben R. and Jane R.
From the 2 bedroom condo to the 3 bedroom house
18 oct 2019
Crew size 1 Truck and 3 men
Hourly rate $119 cash or $129 card
Furniture pieces dining table, 6 chairs, 2 bar chairs, 1 kitchen cabinet, 2 plants, 1 microwave, 1 fridge, 1 washer, 1 dryer, 2 couches, 1 arm chair, 2 TV screens, 2 bookshelves, 1 TV stand, 1 king size bed, 1 queen size bed, 2 night stands, 3 dressers, 1 working table, 1 office chair, 8 pictures, 1 patio table, 6 patio chairs, 1 barbeque
Boxes 8 large, 15 medium, 32 small, 8 free wardrobes from T-Rex
Free packing materials from T-Rex 3 rolls of shrink wrap, 5 tapes
Loading and unloading easy
Walk distance long
Drive distance short
Actual move length 10 hours
Move estimate 8-10 hours
Bill $1190 cash
Tips crew secret
Roberts G., Leila G. and their children
From the 3 bedroom house to the 4 bedroom house
06 dec 2019
Crew size 1 Truck and 4 men
Hourly rate 149 cash or $159 card
Furniture pieces 1 dining table, 8 chairs, 2 couches, one love place, 5 book shelves, 2 TV stand, 4 TV screens, 1 Mac, 2 work tables, 2 office chair, 4 dressers, 5 lamps, 3 mirrors, 1 patio table, 6 patio chairs, 1 bar stand, 4 bar chairs, 1 king size bed, two queen size beds, 6 night stands, 5 pictures, 2 barbecue, 2 cabinets, 1 piano, 2 benches, 12 microwaves, 1 washer, 1 dryer, 1 fridge, 1 freezer, 1 wine cooler
Boxes 12 large, 19 medium, 39 small, 10 free wardrobes from T-Rex
Free packing materials from T-Rex 5 rolls of shrink wrap, 7 tapes
Loading and unloading hard
Walk distance short
Drive distance medium
Actual move length 12 hours
Move estimate 12-14 hours
Bill $1908 card
Tips crew secret

T-Rex Moving — licensed and insured
moving company in Los Angeles

T-REX Moving is here to provide full-scale moving services for different needs. Whether you need residential, commercial or long distance moving, our experienced professionals are here to help. A team of qualified staff boasts years of experience and knowledge. We establish an individual approach and take into account special circumstances and conditions to make the process as fast and cost-effective as possible. As a T-Rex Moving customer, you will benefit from affordable prices and a wide array of moving services. They range from boxes and supplies to storage and packing services. Save time and money when moving with T-Rex.

Please complete the following form to request your move

Provide as much information as possible. We will contact you as soon as we recieve the form.

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Los Angeles Moving Company

T-Rex Moving is a professional moving company based in Los Angeles, CA. T-Rex Moving’s skilled crew will save you time and effort — we are ready to help you plan and carry out your move to Los Angeles!

T-Rex Moving is a Licensed Moving Company in Los Angeles

T-Rex movers know everything about efficient California moves! We know how to make this complicated process easy and take care of all the worries associated with moving to a new place. The T-Rex Moving team is made of professional movers and is ready to prove that even the largest move in Los Angeles can go smoothly!

We do our best so you can trust us, and working with affordable movers in Los Angeles will leave good impressions. The key points below will show why T-Rex Moving stands out from other local moving companies in Los Angeles:

  1. T-Rex Moving is a fully licensed and insured professional moving company in Los Angeles. Don’t worry about anything — our movers know how to handle your belongings and organize the move so you do not have to worry about a thing.
  2. We are confident in our professional movers and their ability to efficiently organize the move. You are charged by a fixed hourly rate which is discussed and explained before the move starts. The clock starts when the movers arrive to your home in Los Angeles and stops when the move is completed. We have several moving plans, of which you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The cost depends on the number of insured movers to be involved in your home relocation in Los Angeles, but rest assured that the price remains the same. We respect our clients and maintain all agreements.
  3. No hidden payments or price changes. Trust is very important to us, so we act honestly and with respect. Moving should be remembered as an important event that leaves a pleasant memory. This applies not only to the technical aspects, but also to the payment for the move. You pay only for the chosen services — T-Rex Moving prices are transparent and fair (no hidden fees). We don’t want to deceive you — our movers build a trusting relationship with each client in Los Angeles.

Our T-Rex movers provide a full range of quality moving services in Los Angeles. The goals, types and size of moves makes no difference to us. We are eager to organize both residential and commercial relocations in Los Angeles with equal efficiency by transporting your belongings, whether it is a small room or a huge mansion. The experience and knowledge of our movers in Los Angeles allows us to do the job well, regardless of any external conditions. Every move is special to us, so the preparation is always done thoroughly. Thanks to that, movers don’t make mistakes, perform their work quickly and efficiently, and deliver consistently high quality services to the LA customers.

What you get from T-Rex movers in LA

Many people postpone moving because they don’t know how to organize it properly. For them, this is an impossible task which requires a lot of effort and resources. Fortunately, you may count on T-Rex movers and relocate to your new home in peace. The problem of preparing and moving your belongings to Los Angeles will be taken care of by our movers.

LA movers will do the hard work for you, such as:

  • Large furniture dismantling; we have all the necessary tools to do it quickly. T-Rex movers undertake special training so we are confident in professional skills of our specialists and guarantee their efficiency.
  • Packaging belongings in protective items, which will ensure their complete safety during transportation. The choice of materials depends on the degree of fragility and other features of your items. Usually movers use bubble wrap and shrink film, special blankets for moving, paper for packing dishes, wardrobe boxes, and tape. Please note that this service is not obligatory — you could perform packaging yourselves, but in this case, movers can’t ensure the protection of your items.
  • Loading heavy items into the truck; we have found a way to simplify this task and equipped our trucks with the best auxiliary equipment. We have also developed a system of optimal placement of things inside the truck, i.e. the movers effectively use the back of the truck and reduce the risk of damage. Also, the most fragile items are fixed inside the truck.
  • Moving things from LA to a new location. We use two types of trucks available in our fleet — 16 and 26-foot, so we are able to choose the transport that best fits the specification of your move. For example, if you need to swerve through narrow streets, we arrange moving on a smaller truck. Movers regularly conduct technical maintenance for each truck, so the possibility of malfunctioning is eliminated. The route is laid out specifically to avoid heavy traffic and minimize the delivery time. We’ve been organizing moves for years and are well acquainted with all routes in Los Angeles.

Upon arrival at the new location in LA, the movers will unload the truck, assemble the furniture and arrange it around the house. Movers follow every moving step — with us you don’t have to do anything. Just tell us in what order the items should be arranged, and the movers will do the rest.

Other benefits of working with movers from T-Rex Moving in Los Angeles

  1. If any of your belongings happen to be damaged because of the movers, we will repair or replace it free of charge. LA movers know the ins and outs of the trade, but sometimes the odds are against us, and we are ready to admit our mistake and fix the situation.
  2. Moving does not depend on weather conditions. We maintain our trucks to perform all moves regardless of distance. All items will be protected from water and dirt.
  3. We do the in-home estimates as well as phone estimates of items to move and determine the number of movers and the size of a truck to use. If necessary, we are also ready to repeat the route.
  4. We are an independent company and work without middlemen, which is why we deliver perfectly-timed moves, quality moving services and good value of services.

The main goal of T-Rex movers is to build a trusting relationship with our customers in LA and change their opinions about the moving industry. Of all the companies near you, we prove that changing your address can be carried out without any problems by the best movers in Los Angeles, who know absolutely everything about an effective move. Contact us by phone or fill out the application form our website, and we will start planning your move to Los Angeles right away!